Ace earns Canadian CD at 22 months old.




Ace wins 1st place in Novice B for his first leg

of his CD title. Pictured with Ace's Owner/Trainer

Patricia A Terrio.



Ace earns his CDX title.



Obedience has always been an important part of our lives.  The bar has been set high by pervious dogs in our household.  The goal is to have a correct, balanced dog in body and mind that can do well in the breed ring and also excel in the obedience or working ring.   We do not want just another pretty face that has no brains, common sense or willingness to please.  A strong work ethic and drive is a must when the goal is to compete and win, not just get a title.  Ace exemplifies that persona.  He has an intense need to please and he tryís really hard when a new task is put before him. A dear friend, Linda Brady, once said ďA great dog can do it all, and Ace is a great dog.Ē  Before the age of two, Ace earned his Canadian CD with nice scores.  The following year, he earned his Rally Novice (RN) title.  The same year he worked for his American CD.  The day he earned his CD with a score of l98.5 he also was awarded a group one.  What a thrill!!!!!  Yes, it can be done. Most people do not give their dogs enough credit and think that they can only do one job well.  I do not agree.  It is also my opinion that the average show person just doesnít make the time to train for another venue.  I understand that, but they should not say that it tires the dog out.  If my dog isnít mentally sound enough to do two sports well, then he should not be apart of the breeding pool.  Letís not limit our pets, letís go out and have fun with them and enrich their lives.  I'm proud to say Ace has recently earned his CDX degree.  Hopefully next year he will receive his UD in the future.


 A nice perk with having a trained dog is that he is welcome on the set for commercials and movies.  Ace can go on a set with people who are leery of rotties and come away with several people asking for a puppy.   He is truly an ambassador of the breed. Again this comes back to being able to think on your feet in new situations, having a solid temperament, and self-assuredness.  Ace has been in two commercials, one with Howie Long, and one movie.  He is a joy to live with and even more fun to train.  My wish is that all rottweiler owners share the fun and enjoyment of rottweilers in their vast abilities. Owners put limits on their dogs, not the other way around.


Patty Terrio.